Электрическая тележка с площадкой для оператора

Артикул: CBD30T-3000
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The heavy Duty type CBD-T series Rider
Pallet Trucks with big capacity from
(2500-4000kg/5500-8800lbs), which
widely used in huge super market and large
warehouse for long distance transport.
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Фирменный товар Maxformer с официальной гарантией
Толщина стали вил 3 мм
Усиленная конструкция
Грузоподъемность 2500 кг
Колеса из износостойкого материала
Технические характеристики
Грузоподъемность (Q)
3000 кг
Высота подъема вил (h3)
217 мм
Высота вил в опущенном положении (h13)
82 мм
Общая ширина вил (b5)
685 мм
Размер и длинна вилы (s/e/l)
55x230x1220 мм
Подробное описание
описание тележки
l The truck features a smooth running, strong load capacity and excellent
climbing ability, and the truck body and wheels are durable and reliable.
l Side-standing operation and equipped with safety handle bar provide safely
l Power steering system(EPS) ensures effortless and highly efficient maneuver
l Multi-function display: battery status, hour meter, fault code, slow running
state, etc.
l Safety armrest equipped with operating switch design allows control of
lifting/lowering, slow running and the horn functions with either hands.
l High-capacity Battery (300-750Ah)and high-power Drive Motor provides
strong power and ensures lasting runtime.
l The advanced controlling system uses efficient micro computer MOS, drive
motor is the AC adjustable-speed motor which provides long life and good
speed adjusting performance, and is maintenance-free.
l AC- motor eliminates carbon brushes and has good starting performance of
the ramp.
l The handle is equipped with an emergency reverse direction switch, which
provides safer operation.
l Build-in pressure relief valve protects the truck from overloads, and increases
the truck's reliability.
l Emergency power disconnector.
l Turtle- shaped low speed switch.

l Standing drive motor system easy for maintenance.
l Equipped with a load-backrest( different height is avaiable ).
l The lifting height reaches 135mm, which provides better passing ability.
l Combined balance wheels increase steadiness, preventing the truck from being
rocked from side to side.
l The balance wheel is detachable, it is convenient to maintain.
l The side door of battery is conveniently to be replaced and service .
l Low battery protection setting prolong the battery use time.
l CANbus technology reduces wiring complexity, making the line clear, orderly and
easy to repair. And also increases the truck's reliability.
l Hall-effect throttle control eliminates wear components and prolongs its use
l With reasonable design, the cover is reliable and easy to dismantle, which
makes the maintenance of the electrical parts very easy.
● Fork width and length ( size )
● Load backrest
● Out side charger
● Customized battery compartment
● Entry & exist roller for empty pallets
● EPS (for CBD20R-I, CBD25R-I)
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